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Yield Potential

Plan for success and choose Manipulator PGR as your plant growth regulator for wheat, oats and barley.

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Get more potential out of your cereals by using Manipulator PGR from the start.

  • Increase yield through improved plant efficiency and optimized tillering and head fill
  • Maximize your fungicide efficacy with main stem and tiller head uniformity
  • Allow for more efficient nutrient and resource transfer through reduced straw development

Improved Harvestability

Manipulator PGR takes the stress out of harvest and ensures every bushel ends up in the bin.

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  • Spend less time in the field thanks to increased combine speeds with easier-to-thresh straw, reduced lodging, and less straw throughput
  • Increase combine productivity, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease your overall machine stress and staffing costs
  • Plus, less straw on the ground reduces seeding issues the following year
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Application Flexibility

You need options when the season throws you curveballs. Choosing Manipulator PGR is choosing the widest application window of any PGR on the market.

  • Apply from herbicide timing to early flag leaf with proven results and crop safety
  • Residual, systemic mode of action for greater efficacy throughout the growing season
  • Formulated for our Canadian climate with low-temperature activators and proprietary safeners
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility at any timing
  • Giving you flexible application options to manage around variable weather conditions and busy farm operations

Application Timing

Application Timing Chart

Lodging Resistance

It’s not just about lodging, but lodging resistance is still at Manipulator PGR’s core.

  • Shorter, stronger stems with thicker walls improve standability, even in adverse growing conditions
  • Reduce yield loss due to lodging
  • Minimize lodging-induced frustration while maximizing combine performance
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Application Info

Wheat Single application: GS 12–39 (2 leaf stage to flag) 0.7 L / acre in at least 10 U.S. gal./acre
Split applications (GS 22–23 and GS 37–39) 0.3 L / acre followed by 0.4 L / acre
Flex rate applications GS 30–39 (5-6 leaf stage to flag) 0.5 L / acre per when crop biomass potential is below normal
Barley Single application: GS 30–39 (5 –6 leaf stage to flag) 0.93 L / acre in at least 10 U.S. gal./acre
Split application: GS 12–32 and GS 32–39 0.45 L / acre per application
Oats Single application: GS 30–39 (5 –6 leaf stage to flag) 0.93 L / acre in at least 10 U.S. gal./acre
Split application: GS 14–32 and GS 32–39 0.45 L / acre per application
Consult with grain handler regarding export markets before using Manipulator on oats or barley
Always apply with minimum 10 U.S. gallons of water
DO NOT exceed a total of 0.7 L/ac on Wheat in a single year
DO NOT exceed a total of 0.9 L/ac on Barley or Oats in a single year.
DO NOT apply full rate to crops under stress from water-logging, drought or nutrient deficiency.
Always read and follow the label
In hot, dry weather a better result may be obtained from application in the early morning or evening
Manipulator PGR Technical Information
Active Ingredients: Chlormequat chloride
Formulation: Solution
Packaging: 2 x 10 L containers
Registration#: 31462
Use: Limits plant height, strengthens stalks, helps prevent lodging, supports yield boost
Field Crops: Wheat (spring, winter & durum), Barley, Oats

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